Important Update (Upcoming Live Performances + New Projects)

Hi Everyone,

Hope everyone is having a good summer. Things have been busy as ever around here — as you are probably aware by now given by the lack of updates from me … but not to worry, I’m still alive.

For several months, I have been building my live setup and musical set from the ground up. It wasn’t easy, especially having to figure out how to perform the kind of music I was doing, but it was something that I wanted to have done this year. I’m very happy to say that the show is completed and the only thing left is practice. By the way, I will be demoing my setup at the Rocky Mountain Music Festival at the Denver Botanic Gardens (1007 York Street Denver, CO 80206 USA) on August 28. I hope to see as much of you there as possible.

For those who cannot make it to my live demo or who live across the globe, I will be posting some videos of me performing select pieces from my live set and posting it on YouTube around September/October. I will announce more as time gets closer.

I also want to make official that I’m currently writing a new album. The music in this upcoming album is very exciting and probably some of the best music I have ever written. One of these new songs will be featured when I post my live stuff on YouTube in September/October. In addition, there will be many new adds to the live set later this year featuring all new music — it’s all the more reasons why you need to come see me live. You’ll have the privilege to listen to many of the new songs before they are available to the public.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll be looking forward to post updates more often in the upcoming months.

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