Hi Everyone,

I would like to proudly announce a new release single, “Conquest (feat. Marc Levine)”, which will be available Nov. 1 2011 in many internet stores including: iTunes, Rhapsody, and CDBaby. If I had to describe the song in 1 sentence, it would be “A thrilling fuse of Classical, Trance, Metal, Electronica, Choral, and Soundtrack filled with swift violins, electric guitar riffs, and cinematic explosions!” See preview here:

With over a year’s worth of work, it features some of the most talented players in the music industry including award-winning special guest, Marc Levine. His versatile performances have been described as “eloquent as well as technically superb combining technical mastery with emotional perceptiveness and beautiful sound” (Southampton Press). Some of Levine’s highlights include working with the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble, the YouTube Symphony Orchestra (performed at Carnegie Hall) and The New Tango Project with whom he recorded in collaboration with the Center for Contemporary Opera. For a more complete biography, please check him out here:


It also features the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, Randy Chavez on guitar (most known as the guitarist with “Opie Gone Bad”), and Christian Teele on drums which they played on Kelly’s “Reflections” album. All very talented musicians and each of them have brought a wonderful unique edge to the song’s dynamics.



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