Digital Distribution Transition + Update

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick update from me. There is going to be a blackout time to buy my songs digitally on iTunes, Rhapsody, etc. sometime between June 20 and July 10 while I’m transitioning digital distributors. So if you want to buy my songs digitally, you need to do so before June 20, or wait until after July 10.

During the blackout time, however, physical CDs will be available still on CDBaby:
Once I get the new digital distributor squared away, everything should be back up on iTunes, Rhapsody, etc. for digital downloads. I will let you know as soon as it does.

Also, I’m preparing some new music that I will be releasing very soon. I have about 4 songs done with another 12-15 in the pipeline waiting to get done. This includes “The Incursion” Trance/Orchestral single as well as a future project I’m preparing. More to come.


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