New Album, Album Trailer, and Website

Hey Everyone,

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. I have some wonderful news to share!

A new album is officially in the works! Here’s an enchanting orchestral song I would like to share with you: A song called, “Wonderland”, from my upcoming album, “Epoch Dawn”. (Video: Live musicians are planned for this release and hopefully, by around October, things will start to wrap up. Target for this release is December or early 2014.

Around that same time as the release, my website will be updated with an entirely new layout for easier navigation and interaction. Ideas are being kicked around as we speak.

Finally, if you are not following me on Facebook and Twitter, please do so (links are below my signature). You can get more frequent updates about the album and other projects there. Plus, it makes it easier for you to contact me about anything.

Thanks everyone for sticking around and your support!

Yours truly,


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