“Journey” Album Preview is HERE!

Hey Everyone,

Here it is!  “Journey” full album preview (Coming November 28)!

“Journey”, a 2 1/2 year project, is an epic cutting-edge Contemporary Instrumental album with a massive 70+ minutes of memorable captivating melodies and rhythms that carry the listener on a beautiful, wondrous, and worldly adventure.

Many thanks to all of the talented musicians who brought this album to life (see below)! A privilege working with all of them.

Thanks everyone for the support! More to come.




Vocals: Mica Robinson (www.micadominguez-robinson.com), Michelle Amato (www.michelleamato.com)
Guitars: Randy Chavez (www.rocketeerstudio.com)
Drums and Percussion: Christian Teele
Bass: Bijoux Barbosa
Violin: Kailin Yong (www.kailinyong.com)
Cello: Jim Todd (www.jtoddcello.com)
Flutes: Rodney Garnett
Soprano Saxophone: Bob Rebholz
Oboe: Ciara Glasheen
Duduk: Souren Baronian (http://www.rayhana.com/souren_baronian/souren_baronian.html)
Piano, Keyboards, Composition, and Production: Kelly Andrew



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“Epoch Dawn” Physical CDs – NOW Available!

Hey Everyone,

“Epoch Dawn” physical digipak CDs are now available on CDBaby and Bandcamp! Coming soon to all other stores.

CDBaby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/kellyandrew4
Bandcamp: http://kellyandrew.bandcamp.com/album/epoch-dawn

Fun Fact: Artwork done by yours truly! First learned pencil art, then oil, clay, and watercolor, then digital art. Drawing for about as long as I’ve been doing music. http://kellyandrew.deviantart.com


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