Update #2 for Upcoming Release

Hey Everyone,

Things have been very busy as of late and would like to quickly update you on what has been going on.

So far, I’ve written several tracks for music libraries and in the process, I’ve also been writing some new epic orchestral music for the new release.  As of now, I have about 4 tracks – not a whole lot considering we’re already in mid-July.

I would really like to get something released by the end of this year, but I may not have the time to make a full album out of it.  What I have decided is to release a digital EP in the fall, however many that might be.  I would much rather have 6 or so very high quality tracks than 12 so-so ones.

Later, as more tracks accumulate, I’ll be able to make a full-themed album.  Videos of these songs will accompany for the release.  All I can say is that these new tracks are going to be epic!

More to come.



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