Album Update #1 – All Tracks are Written for Upcoming Album

Hi All,

I’m happy to announce that all of the tracks are finally written! There will be a total of 19 original epic orchestral tracks (some date as early as 2012, but now reworked) with total run time clocking in at around 73 minutes. Music will have a wide variety of moods including uplifting, soaring, wonder, drama, action, and adventure. This album release will be massive and the biggest project I’ve done yet.

Most of the tracks are currently in the re-naming, reworking and recording process. I’m also working hard in preparing promo material to share with you from the album starting September.

Although I was originally planning on making this a digital-only release, I have decided to make physical CDs for this – to give what this album deserves! If all goes smoothly and things don’t get too busy, I am targeting the release date would be sometime late fall. More on this soon!


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