Album Update #5 – Progress and More Progress

Hey Everyone. An update from me …

Sorry it has been a few months. Life got a bit more hectic than usual and had to work on overdrive to keep this project moving along. Managed to consistently work a few to several hours a day on this project.

All string parts are now written, exported, and ready for recording. Because there are so many tracks, this process has taken MUCH longer than expected. Due to scheduling, it may be as late as December before these parts are fully recorded and done.

Flute and cello parts will be recorded soon. Will be working on these shortly.

Vocal parts are recorded and mostly mixed in. Working on finishing touches soon.

First pass of mixing on all of the tracks are done. In parallel, I programmed a lot of custom sounds to give it a nice professional touch to them. Things are still getting revised as we speak.

This has been a beast of a project, but I can say one thing: Every track sounds amazing!

Thanks for your support in this seemingly uneventful time … I plan to share more updates a little more often as things are getting done.


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