December already? Man, time flies … about time for another update …

Things have been very busy with mixing and transcribing additional parts for recording. The vocals, cello and strings (almost) are done. Guitar, flutes, and percussion are in progress. I finally went back and have a stack of sheet music for recording – over 500 pages!

Because the project is quite large, it has been split into a two-part series: First part will be released sometime mid-2020 and second part will be released first thing 2021. Instead of trying to get everything done causing further delays, it would be better if I can get the first part done so that it is out for everyone to enjoy much sooner. Also, splitting this project allows more room for the project(s) to flow and breathe from one track to another by me adding tracks in between. Each album will be roughly one hour in length.

Here are couple of tracks I posted last year on Soundcloud that will be on the project:…/…/new-epic-orchestral-album

Much has changed since then, including the track names themselves. Although the mixes are not the cleanest, it gives you an idea on what is to come.

Thanks for the support and stay tuned for previews. They are currently in the works and I am very excited to share the final result soon.


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