Album Update #7 – First Round of Mixing Done


Sorry for the lack of updates lately.  Last couple of months have been much busier than usual … mostly split between taking care of personal things and working on the upcoming project.  I hope everyone is staying safe and out of harms way during this unusual time.

First off, thanks to everyone for sticking around and for your patience.  First round of mixing is finally done!  Have been taking a bit of time getting the right sound and ambiance.  Each composition is carefully crafted to fit in overall story arch, which will be revealed very soon.

As the project approaches the end, I anticipate things will begin to accelerate.  Second round and third round of mixing will, very likely, take much shorter with mostly just balance work.  Probably another month before mastering.

Release date is still being determined, however, I am projecting that the first material will be released sometime this Summer.  So far, the feedback I’ve had was nothing short of stellar.

Sorry if my update seems a bit “general”.  I hope to update you more with more concrete material very soon.  Stay tuned!



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