* Won Best Song in the New Age Category by the Independent Music Awards
* #9 for Best Albums of 2014 by


“Released right around the same time in physical formats as the epic and bodacious Epoch Dawn, the more subdued Journey is Kelly Andrew’s most current release.Though somewhat more restrained than Epoch Dawn, Journey suffered a somewhat comparison complex but when measured and evaluated upon its own meritsJourney reflects an artist that is capable of moving through multiple instrumental genres with the ease of a chameleon lizard adjusting to his own surroundings.

Even within the recordings of Journey though it is a more mainstream effort there are multiple musical journeys and scenic routes to be discovered. The album opens with the highly accessible and super smooth “World Of Discovery” that brings to mind a typical David Arkenstone composition you would have found on his highly accessible 2002 Sketches From An American Journey. Keeping in mind to be compared with Mr. Arkenstone is the ultimate compliment. Equally impressive is the slower but highly melodic “Glistening Waters” and Celtic influenced “Expedition”.

But no journey is status quo as your sceneries continually change and so does Kelly with the percussion and wordless driven exotica found on “Rainforest” that will have you gently swinging, swaying and moving. Additional striking musical landscapes can be found on the Middle Eastern influences discovered on “Into The Sun” or the even more mystical “Dancing Dunes”.

Frankly there is very little not to like about Journey that concludes with the uplifting “Sail Away” making you realize that from contemporary instrumental to electronic to orchestral musical genres Kelly Andrew is a master of all three.  And from that aspect aloneJourney is a complete success of not only high class entertainment but one that allows you to see the inner working of a wonderful artist as you traveling through the creative musical mind of Kelly Andrew.” – Michael Debbage

– GAIA Prime Radio

“Kelly Andrew, originally from Denver, Colorado, is an accomplished musician, composer, pianist, producer, and sound engineer. Although previous albums from Kelly have leaned more in the direction of a “Trance” style (The Incursion) or an “epic music/soundtrack” style (e.g., Epoch Dawn), the music on “Journey” is a distinct departure, in that it has a more classic “New Age” feel. The music artfully integrates innovative melodies with elements of jazz, ethereal vocals, modern phrasing, tribal rhythms, world music, occasional electronics (synthesizer, electric guitar), and sophisticated and rich orchestration (especially strings and flutes). The result is music that is not quite as “ambient” and certainly not quite as “soaring” as some of Kelly’s previous work. Nevertheless, the result is outstanding contemporary instrumental music that is powerful, memorable, varied, uplifting, engaging, inspiring, and captivating, and represents a clear maturing of Kelly’s musical talents. In fact, we would rate this album as his best work to date.

“World of Discovery” and “Promised Land”, for example, feature exceptional and emotionally evocative “string” elements, while “Glistening Waters, “Keepers of The Veldt,” and “Sail Away” have a delightful and distinctly “jazz” quality reminiscent of some of the music from the early days of New Age/Jazz crossover music. “Dreamscapes, “Rainforest,” and “Dancing Dunes”, in contrast have clear world music influences — Asian, South American, and Middle Eastern, respectively. And “Into The Sun” and “Along The River” are enlivened by pulsating percussion and amazingly beautiful vocals. The title track, in particular, which is arguably the best on the album, along with several of the other tracks, e.g., “Expedition,” easily calls to mind the early music of David Arkenstone, especially from his “Echoes of Light and Shadow.” And it is every bit as good!!!

“Journey” truly carries the listener on a exciting, wondrous, and worldly musical adventure. For that reason, we give this album our highest possible recommendation.” – habermas2012

– Music Beyond Words

“Contemporary instrumental collectively including artists on guitar, drums, violin, cello and saxophone just to mention a few.

The first cut, World of Discovery, captures the essence of Kailin Yong on Violin, eloquent, effortless.   Layering of piano, flutes, drums gives this a breath of fresh air as if you were sailing near the islands.

Rainforest begins softly and immediately captures your imagination of the tropics.  You are captivated by the lite percussion while feeling the ebb of tress swaying.

Glistening Waters reminds me of being at Lake Bled in Slovenia.  Crystal clear and so perfect.  Lite Piano, guitar by Randy Chavez gives way to a nice med tempo jazzy tune.

Keepers of the Veldt has a nice guitar intro that leads a nice deep flute which moves to a higher pitch and with mastery of layering which Kelly is so masterful at, you have a tune that brings in the Mayans.

Into the Sun allows the listener to hear Mica Robinson vocals so delicate and precise, with Kailin Yong on violin, Christian Teele on drums …it just doesn’t get any better than this.

On the Edge brings to light the range of flute mastery by Rodney Garnett.   Nice beat, like the edgy guitar sections.

Journey begins with a wonderful oboe entry by Clara Glasheen, then nice fingering on the guitar by Randy.  Rodney brings in the flute and it creates this masterful ensemble of sound.

Dremascapes brings to light the talent of Kelly Andrew on piano and the intermix of the guitar, deep as it is, in the background.

Along the River is probably by far my favorite on this CD.  Michelle Amato on vocals, Kelly on keyboards and synthesizer gives this selection an airy feel.  Up tempo, wonderfully scripted.

Expedition combines, flute, guitars, violin, cello, percussion, keyboard in the incredible gathering of movement and sound.  The strength of the guitar in the background prompts a few quick turns on the dance floor.

Promise Land, Dancing Dunes, Lost Dynasty and Sail Away round out the CD with Flutes, Vocals, the Duduk and the ever present master on piano.

What I really enjoyed about this CD is that there was a bit of every type of music to be enjoyed. Slow, up tempo, jazzy, delicate, worldly and embracing.    Kelly Andrews began in 07 with Olympus, gradually finding his niche in the new age genre with Nocturne or Across the Sea.  Each time he has opened up his heart, this time he has brought us his soul, deep, inviting and rich in layering of musical talent that only Kelly can bring together.  You will not be disappointed.” – Marie Michaels, host

– Max FM

“Thank you for your e-mail the CD album of Kelly Andrew is in my opinion absolutely wonderful the sound the quality the production the arrangements …” – Peter, host

– KOPR, “Our Place Radio”

“Journey was a great work… one of the most interesting I have seen in many months of receiving promos. I would push for him to produce another, very similar to this album. Spins have been great and I did notice some requests show up on the request interface … It is playing as Featured Artist/Album since I received it.” – Brian, host

– WFCF, “Wings”

“… As always, Kelly provides our audience with an exceptional listening experience.  As our show airs from 7am to 9am on Sunday mornings, our audience welcomes him with open hearts. Music that truly does ‘Uplift the Spirit and Soothe the Soul’.” – WFCF, host


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