15th Independent Music Awards – New Age Album Nominee



Keith Hannaleck of New Age Music Reviews

Candice Michelle of Journeyscapes Radio

Dick Metcalf of Contemporary Fusion Reviews

Kathy Parsons of mainlypiano.com

Paul Mac of globalphaseradio.com

Patrick Van de Wiele of keysandchords.com

Michael Debbage of mainlypiano.com


“Kelly Andrew has taken the canvas of human emotion and painted a picture that turns into a Rembrandt of musical interpretation that you will want to experience more than once. Set up your Rendezvous with Kelly as soon as you can.” — Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck, Reviewer of New Age Music Reviews

“… pianist/composer Kelly Andrew and Will Ackerman’s crew … created a sumptuous and very satisfying feast for the senses.” — Kathy Parsons, Reviewer of MainlyPiano.com

“Kelly Andrew, the master of many musical faces has just added a sophisticated contemporary jazz smile courtesy of his latest ultra smooth romantic Rendezvous” — Michael Debbage, Reviewer of MainlyPiano.com

Rendezvous … is a masterpiece of contemporary instrumental music … Kelly sets the bar high with a collection of songs that stand out for their exceptional writing, arranging, and musicianship. Highly recommended!” — Michael Diamond, Reviewer of Music and Media Focus

“A thoroughly rewarding album of sleek sophistication, Rendezvous seems to tell a lover’s story which moves through the course of evening, dawn and sunset. Colorfully enhanced throughout by its contributing instrumentalists, Kelly Andrew musically paints images of both scenic rural landscapes and chic metropolitan venues. Listeners, especially, who enjoy contemporary instrumental music with notable chill-jazz flavors are sure to savor the romantic spices of these delectable compositions!” — Candice Michelle, Host of Journeyscapes

“… Kelly made sure he had just the right mix of players to support his contemporary compositions… players like Tony Levin (bass), Jill Haley (english Horn and oboe) and Eugene Friesen (cello) are all familiar here and have (of course) been reviewed on various albums by me… there are a whole host of players I haven’t reviewed as well, full of high talent and energy!” — Dick Metcalf, Reviewer of Contemporary Fusion Reviews

“Andrew is contemporary jazz/ambient pianist that has created a new buzz in the world of contemporary music, Rendezvous is a spectacular album, it’s sumptuous, romantic, very sophisticated and ultra smooth, it’s a stand out album for 2016!” — Paul Mac, Programmer of Phase Global Radio

“… I truly love your sound in our mix, it offers depth and diversity in the mix while remaining melodic and compelling.  You have just the sound I seek out to make the format more intriguing!” – Sandy Shore, President/Founder of SmoothJazz.com Global


  • CKUW 95.9  “Shades of Classics”
  • KOPR “Our Place Radio”
  • KRCB 91 FM “The Night Traveler”
  • MTPR Montana Public Radio “Oasis”
  • Radio Cluj 95.6 FM “Rarisimum” / “FORAYS OF A MUSIC LOVER”
  • WFCF 88.5 FM “Wings”
  • WHYR 96.9 Full Circle Studio “The Clearing”
  • WMHB 89.7 “Mystic Sister”
  • WMSE “Instrumental Saturdays”
  • WVUD “The Morning Fog”
  • WYBF “The Pit”
  • KTEP “Audiosyncracy”
  • KTEP “Audiosyncracy” Podcast
  • WESS 90.3 “Alternating Currents”
  • WTUL “Cheezmuzik”
  • WVUD “The Morning Fog”
  • WWUH “Evening Classics” / “Ambience”
  • KCCK “Night Breeze”
  • Guido’s Lounge Cafe
  • KCMJ “Instru-Mentality”
  • GAIA Prime Radio
  • WMNR/WGRS/WRXC “New Music Gallery”
  • WNMC “Inner Vision”
  • Phase Global Radio
  • Max 91.3 FM “New Age New Releases”
  • SLOR “Soon Comes the Night”
  • KRSC 91.3 “Innervisions”
  • WWSP 90FM “Acoustic Resonance/Fantasy Realm”
  • Enlightened Piano
  • KMNO 91.7 FM “The ‘B’ Train”
  • KZYX FM “Celestial Reasonings”
  • Peaceful Radio
  • WKNH 91.3 “Planetary Prismatic Sonics”
  • KZUM “Murphy’s Magic Mess”
  • WFIT 89.5FM “Global Groove”