In this release, expression, execution, and emotional delivery are everything. Not surprisingly, Beyond the Stars was an instant hit with orchestral uplifting fans when supported by Armin van Buuren on A State of Trance.
The Original Mix sets the emotional tone using layered synth pads and rolling basslines building over a simple melodic pattern.  As it enters into the break, it accentuates that emotion with a beautiful melodic violin-like synth line that carries and transcends listeners to the end.
Similar to the Original Mix, the Emotional Mix contains an extended break that amplifies and maximizes emotion with meticulous execution using a beautiful combination of instruments: Piano, choir, cello, violin, and light synth pad; the Orchestral mix, with a gorgeous orchestral break and an expressive, intimate violin, delivers a more serene, relaxing, and calm experience.
A perfect harmonic blend of Uplifting Trance, Orchestral, New Age, and Classical-Crossover influences that will give the listener a true uplifting, moving, and transcending experience.
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