“Journey” Album Preview is HERE!

Hey Everyone,

Here it is!  “Journey” full album preview (Coming November 28)!

“Journey”, a 2 1/2 year project, is an epic cutting-edge Contemporary Instrumental album with a massive 70+ minutes of memorable captivating melodies and rhythms that carry the listener on a beautiful, wondrous, and worldly adventure.

Many thanks to all of the talented musicians who brought this album to life (see below)! A privilege working with all of them.

Thanks everyone for the support! More to come.




Vocals: Mica Robinson (www.micadominguez-robinson.com), Michelle Amato (www.michelleamato.com)
Guitars: Randy Chavez (www.rocketeerstudio.com)
Drums and Percussion: Christian Teele
Bass: Bijoux Barbosa
Violin: Kailin Yong (www.kailinyong.com)
Cello: Jim Todd (www.jtoddcello.com)
Flutes: Rodney Garnett
Soprano Saxophone: Bob Rebholz
Oboe: Ciara Glasheen
Duduk: Souren Baronian (http://www.rayhana.com/souren_baronian/souren_baronian.html)
Piano, Keyboards, Composition, and Production: Kelly Andrew



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New Album, “Journey”, Coming November 28, All Stores!

Hey Everyone,

Mark your calendars!  My upcoming album, “Journey”, is coming to iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon and all stores November 28!

“Journey”, a two-and-a half-year Contemporary Instrumental project, has been one of the most challenging projects I ever worked on.  Fusing worldly rhythms, acoustic and cutting-edge electronic sounds, this beautifully packed album features talented studio musicians from Colorado, Florida, New York and Singapore with over 70 minutes of high-quality music.  Yes, this will be a full release with physical Digipak CDs and digital downloads available.

Here are some previews from the album:

Glistening Waters:

On The Edge (NEW):

More details to come!



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First “Journey” Album Teaser Song: Glistening Waters

Hey Everyone,

Here it is finally! First album teaser for my upcoming Contemporary Instrumental album, “Journey”, coming the end of this Fall on my label, Journey Music Entertainment.

Musicians featured: Randy Chavez (Guitar), Christian Teele (Percussion), Bijoux Barbosa (Bass), and Jim Todd (Cello).

This song is called, “Glistening Waters”. A nice fuse of Contemporary Instrumental, Orchestral/Soundtrack, Bossa Nova, and World.  Enjoy!


P.S. – Artwork isn’t done yet. Still a work-in-progress.

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