Release Date: Mar. 14, 2014
Label: Journey Music Entertainment
Catalog #: JMEO-004-1

Dynamic, expressive contemporary epic and emotional orchestral music that will take the listener into a state of imagination and make-believe.

Achievements, Reviews, and Support On “Epoch Dawn”

[play-button:] 1) Epoch Dawn
[play-button:] 2) Wonderland
[play-button:] 3) Chasing Glory
[play-button:] 4) Valkyrie
[play-button:] 5) Mirrors Of Illusion
[play-button:] 6) Sorcerer’s Power
[play-button:] 7) Castle On The Hill
[play-button:] 8) Ocean Floor
[play-button:] 9) Love For A Hero
[play-button:] 10) Danger Is Lurking
[play-button:] 11) The Incursion
[play-button:] 12) Forgotten Past
[play-button:] 13) Living Legacy