Release Date: Nov. 6, 2007
Label: Journey Music Entertainment
Catalog #: JMEO-001-1


Kelly Andrew’s debut album, Olympus, is a true genre-bending experience. Multicultural instruments with the acoustic orchestra collides with the world of electronica and digital effects to produce over 60 minutes of unforgettable melodies and rhythms that will truly move your body, mind and spirit.

“The spirit of the mythological gods and goddesses of ancient Greece still live within our modern civilization. The values they symbolized are the inspiration for this musical flight to Mount Olympus.”

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 [play-button:] 1) Aphrodite
[play-button:] 2) Apollo
[play-button:] 3) Hera
[play-button:] 4) Demeter
[play-button:] 5) Artemis
[play-button:] 6) Ares
[play-button:] 7) Hephaestus
[play-button:] 8) Poseidon
[play-button:] 9) Athena
[play-button:] 10) Hestia
[play-button:] 11) Zeus
[play-button:] 12) Hermes