Album Update #4 – Main Vocalist Announcement for Upcoming Album


I am very grateful and honored to announce that Merethe Soltvedt will be joining us for the upcoming album as the primary vocalist. She has been involved with acts such as Two Steps From Hell, Warner Brothers, Arena of Valor (online video game), Ivan Torrent, and many others. She is also a Singer Songwriter, and recently released a new album “First Hand” with her band, “Merethe Soltvedt & The Rogues”. Please support her by checking her out in the links below. Don’t forget to ‘Like’ and ‘Subscribe’:

Soundcloud: href=”

Updates are a little slow at the moment. Lot of recording preparations being done as we speak. More to come!


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Album Update #3 – Back to Work on the Album

Hey Everyone,

I thought I’d post a quick update since it has been a while.

First off, happy new year! So far, things have settled down with my move and I’m currently back to working on the album. I still have several more to re-write and may be looking at later this year for recording. The album will have a few new surprises — won’t say yet — which I’m very excited about.
This project is taking much longer than I anticipated. My apologies. I want to make sure everything sounds and feels right. By taking my time, it has and will definitely help improve the quality of the project.
I will keep you posted!
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Album Update #2 – Changes to the Upcoming Album

Hi Everyone,

Apologies for the lack of updates as of late. Things been very busy around here with writing/polishing new music and personal things.

After reviewing the tracks, there has been some major changes to the overall theme. Because of this change, it will delay the release of the album into 2019 with tracks getting added, swapped out, re-ordered, etc. However, the better news is that this will become a 2-CD release with a larger budget allocated for this project. There may be as many as 30 tracks — all creating one large cohesive story arch!

Since this album didn’t have a concrete theme to begin with, this was one of those things it really needed. I had a pretty generic theme to start — sort of a placeholder –, but as the project grew, it grew out of that old theme. So, a new theme had to be determined around those existing tracks. As a result, some tracks didn’t make the cut, but newer tracks will take their place to properly fill in the rest of the story.

It is more important to me to get the project right rather than having to rush this out the door. The project has been growing and evolving, but I think the project is mature enough to where I’ll be writing to this new story without any more major changes. I also want these tracks to be at their best when I am ready to share them with you.

Expect limited updates these next few months as I need to take care of some non-related music things. If there are any changes or updates, you’ll be the first to know.

Thanks for your patience and your support!



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