Album Update #1 – All Tracks are Written for Upcoming Album

Hi All,

I’m happy to announce that all of the tracks are finally written! There will be a total of 19 original epic orchestral tracks (some date as early as 2012, but now reworked) with total run time clocking in at around 73 minutes. Music will have a wide variety of moods including uplifting, soaring, wonder, drama, action, and adventure. This album release will be massive and the biggest project I’ve done yet.

Most of the tracks are currently in the re-naming, reworking and recording process. I’m also working hard in preparing promo material to share with you from the album starting September.

Although I was originally planning on making this a digital-only release, I have decided to make physical CDs for this – to give what this album deserves! If all goes smoothly and things don’t get too busy, I am targeting the release date would be sometime late fall. More on this soon!


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2018 Album Update – Live Recording Underway!

EDIT May 6, 2018:


I’ve been doing a bit of test-listening on the first draft of my album and after several times of listening, I found that the album pacing is a bit too fast for me.

As of now, almost every track is very melodic and prominent, but what I need is some break in that melodic action by having some tracks with more of a “soundscape”, or chill-out feel. I’d also like to add some tracks with some actual vocals/lyrics to add more variety. I believe this will make the pacing (and quality) of the album better.

Having that said, I’m going to take some time to add more of these kind of tracks to the album. In the end, there may be as many as 20 or more tracks. This project is slowly evolving to be become one large “compilation” album of my works in the last few years.

This may delay on the recording process, but I really think this will greatly improve the overall pacing of it – and

I think you guys will really appreciate when it all comes together!


Hey Everyone,
After hundreds of hours of work, I’m happy to say that all tracks are in a good enough spot to where I’m getting ready to record. This album will feature live female vocals, cello player, violin player, and many more. As of now, there are 17 tracks total. The overall writing, crafting, and arranging is pretty much done.
This project has been a big one, probably the largest production project I’ve done yet. I’m hoping to share some samples of the finished product soon. In the meantime, please be patient. I do plan to post on Youtube and Soundcloud when things are ready. Likely, you’ll be hearing from me sooner than later on recording progress, release date, general updates, etc.
For now, you can check out some early versions of some tracks from the album here.
More to come!
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