– Supported twice by Armin Van Buuren’s radioshow, “A State of Trance” on ASOT637 & 638
– Made “A State Of Trance Radio Top 20 – December 2013” compilation.
– Made it into “Best of 2013” compilation by Abora Recordings.
– Voted Fan Favorite by Abora Recordings radio show, “Ori Uplift”
– Voted #11 for Track Of The Year for Abora Recordings
– Licensed to various vendors and game companies


– YourEDM:
“… Beyond The Stars starts out with a burst of sunshine as rolling basslines collide with a wonderful array of little ostinatos that add a certain element of charm and polish towards the entire soundscape as a whole. As the basslines continue rolling through a heavenly choir of angel whispers becomes increasingly present with grand pads as it strikes deep within the confides of human nature. The emotional breakdown is where his talents soars above the rest, as a gorgeous piano line works in tandem with tender string pads and a fantastic cello section, that seems to organically grow into a harmonious and connecting network of luscious sounds and ideas. Focusing purely on the visions of creative brevity, the sounds add suspense, compassion, delicacy, radiance and rejuvenation; feelings that aren’t even touched by EDM musicians today. …” – Andrew Quigley of YourEDM.com

– Flux BPM Online
“… The quality release comes in 3 must check out and fall in love versions. First of all is the Original mix that follows the tried and tested pathway of uplifting euphoric trance with tough rocking beats, slamming pumping driving basslines and very strong cinematic breakdown with organic elements and epic hair raising synthy lead that is epic and feel good to the maximum. Emotional mix gives the breakdown more air to breath and extends the pleasure with sound effects and exceptional sound design with vocal chorus, heavenly style voices, epic strings and emotional melancholic piano melody. TheOrchestral mix replaces in the breakdown the piano theme with violin melody that adds totally different sound and elevates its quality level even more. The climax is straight forward uplifting trance at its very best with reappearance of the nice epic violin theme. …” – Dimitri Kechagias of fluxbpmonthemove.blogspot.com