* Ranked #8 on ZoneMusicReporter for April 2010


– www.newagemusicworld.com
“Olympus has some of the finest orchestrations I have heard recently and since the 12 tracks of classic symphonic music has contemporary instrumentals from every section backed by full percussion, I believe Olympus is a symphony that will stand the test of time. Those who have in the past or presently sing in a choir will admire the light chorales in Aphrodite that build momentum and crescendo with a full arrangement of brass and strings.” – Reviewed and rated 5/5 on Amazon.com by John P. Olsen of www.newagemusicworld.com / www.newagemusic.nu

– www.reviewsnewage.com
English Translation: “The debut of Kelly Andrew is a masterpiece. Olympus could give life to the most epic scenes of any film acclimated in classic history, to documentary, commercial or any video game. The twelve orchestral works own a force and energy difficult to explain and until the moment, is the best album of Soundtrack sort that I have listened. Olympus is a majestic work that introduces to the listener in Old Greece detail yet. Very recommendable. 5/5″ – Alejandro C. Gonzalez of www.reviewsnewage.com

– KRCB, “The Night Traveler”
“You have another hit! I love the CD and will play it gladly.” “Kelly’s CD finished high on my April ZMR (Zone Music Reporter) list. Keep the Goodies coming!.” – Linda (alluding to www.zonemusicreporter.com)

– Carol’s Review Corner
“While on the bumpy road of returning from a stroke, I found Kelly’s “Olympus” CD created the quiet relaxation needed to persuade my brain and physical body to function properly again. This CD’s music was a welcome contrast to the rauckus strumming on a zither used by the physical therapist that was mistakenly believed to help me walk again.Good job, Kelly!” – Carol Brehio, 78

– Pandora’s Muse
“Outstanding Album! Well conceived and stylish. Stays true to the perception of the character each piece is written for. Great listening while I’m painting my book about Mythology. Wish there was more”


– Internet Radio
New Age Channel, sky.fm
Radio Cluj (Romania)
Whole Wheat Radio, WWR
Station 112, Elements: Fire
Seascapes, Live 365 Station
Radio Praetoria, Live 365 Station
Spectrum Radio (Austrailia)
New Age Radio (Germany)
Anima Lumen
Arctic Mist

– Local Radio from Around the World
KZUM, “Murphy’s Magic Mess” – #1 April 2010
KRCB, “The Night Traveler”
WCVF, “General Eclectic”
Radio Mir, “Music of the Spheres”
WKNH, “Planetary Prismatic Psonics”
WESS, “Alternating Currents”
Galaxie CBC, Canadian Cable Channel
CKUW, “Shades of Classics”
KMSU/KMSK, “World Beat” – #1 April 2010
KEAO, “Cocoland Sunrise Radio Show”
KEAO, “The Beehive”
“Montana Public Radio” and “Oasis”
KRSC, “InnerVisions”
KZYX/KZYZ, “Music Out of Bounds”
Radio Despi, “La Otra Orilla” (Spain)
RFI Romania, “Journeys to the Infinite” (Romania)
Radio SLOR, “Soon Comes the Night” – #3 April 2010 and May 2010
WFCF, “Wings”
WAWL, “Light in the Night”
WMSE, “Instrumental Saturdays”
WMHB, “Mystic Sister”
WSCS, “Music from the Cosmic Wheel
WNMC, “Inner Vision”
WRBC, “Athan’s Journey” – #1 June 2010
KKHI, “Music Beyond Words”
KRSC, “Innervisions”
KCCK, “Night Breeze”
Radio Rijnwoude, “Time Trek”
Radio Rijnwoude, “Hey Joe”
WFIT, “Global Groove”
WWSP, “Acoustic Resonance/Fantasy Realm”
WVUD, “The Morning Fog”
KTEP, “Audiosyncracy”