* Song “You Strengthen Me” nominated for Best New Age Song by the 11th Annual Independent Music Awards
* Album nominated for Best Neo-Classical Album for the 2011 year by
* Album placed in Top 20 for the 2011 year by
* Ranked #9 on ZoneMusicReporter for March 2011


– New Vision Promotion
“With heartfelt, feel-good melodies and beautiful performances, Reflections is truly one of my favorite albums. Reminiscent of Yanni and Kitaro, Andrew’s music is just as richly layered & sophisticated, which says volumes for this young, multi-talented artist.” – Kevin Wood of

“For those of you that found Kelly Andrew back in 2007 courtesy of his striking debut Olympus, you are going to be blown away with the strength in his latest material and production on Reflections. If you miss the heady days of Narada and Windham Hill whose productions would knock it out the proverbial musical ballpark, then Kelly Andrew is a must to complete your audio collection.” – Michael Debbage of

“Reflections by Kelly Andrew really did surprise me after listening to this 11 song recording. Reflections is a second great album, but the surprise is most apparent in the way he composed the two albums. While his first has deep orchestrations and a bolder atmosphere, Reflections is an impressive contrast in style, and it is pretty clear his second album Reflections is even more aligned in the Cinematic or Soundtrack category.” – Reviewed and rated 5/5 on CDBaby by John P. Olsen of /

– CDBaby Customer Review
“This is the second of Kelly’s CD’s I’ve bought and I think this is even better than the first! Amazing compositions with piano and orchestra to the fore. A very very talented composer I’d say! It’s worth mentioning thathe sound quality is also superb and the instruments shimmer with dynamics. This is a CD I will listen to over and over as the melodies are first class and the instrumentation spot on. A very beautiful and moving listening experience.” – Reviewed and rated 5/5 on CDBaby by Dale H.

– KRCB, “The Night Traveler”
“It is one of my top CDs for this month! Keep the good stuff coming and I’ll play it.” – Linda

– CKUW, “Shades of Classics”
“A very good album from Andrew. I will definitely be playing selections from it on my program, and will rate it high on my ZMR reports.” – John

– Customer Reviews
“wow what a talented guy this music is amazing. Its so relaxing and soothing perfect music to listen to on a beautiful day or just lay down and listen to it. Kelly Andrew is def amazingly talented” – Reviewed by Cathy W.

“pretty good songs, especially for the pop genre! they are easy going/easy on the ears” – Reviewed by 98 champp

“simple and the songs are slow but sensitive and meaningful” – Reviewed by ilovecollege84


– Internet Radio
Music Choice Soundscapes
Pandora Radio
Seascapes, Live 365 Station
Spectrum Radio (Austrailia)
New Age Radio (Germany)
Got Radio
Radio Cluj (Romania)
A Ultima Frontera (Spain)

– Local Radio from Around the World
KRCB, “The Night Traveler”
KKUP, “Contemplation Connection”
WCVF, “General Eclectic”
Netradio Relax, “Music of the Spheres” – Ranked #1 on their ZMR Report
WESS, “Alternating Currents”
KCHO/KFPR, “The Lighthouse”
Pagan Radio Network
K-High, “New Age” – Ranked high for March 2011
Galaxie CBC, Canadian Cable Channel
KCUR, “Night Tides”
CKUW, “Shades of Classics”
KMSU/KMSK, “World Beat”
KEAO, “Cocoland Sunrise” – Ranked #1 on their ZMR Report
KEAO, “The Beehive”
KKHI, “Music Beyond Words”
“Montana Public Radio” and “Oasis”
KRSC, “InnerVisions”
KZUM, “Murphy’s Magic Mess”
Radio Despi, “La Otra Orilla” (Spain)
RFI Romania, “Journeys to the Infinite” (Romania)
Radio SLOR, “Soon Comes the Night”
BLU FM, “Body Mind Spirit” WFCF, “Wings”
WAWL, “Light in the Night”
WFIT, “Global Groove”
WUTC, “Weekend Sunrise” – Ranked #1 on their ZMR Report
WMHB, “Mystic Sister”
WMUH, “Afterglow”
WMSE, “Instrumental Saturdays”
WKNH, “Planetary Prismatic Psonics”
WSCS, “Music from the Cosmic Wheel”
WNMC, “Inner Vision”
WRBC, “Athan’s Journey”
KRSC, “Innervisions”
Radio Rijnwoude, “Time Trek” – Ranked #1 on thier ZMR Report
Radio Rijnwoude, “Hey Joe”
“Ortas Musicas” (Spain)
WWSP, “Acoustic Resonance/Fantasy Realm”
WVUD, “The Morning Fog”
KTEP, “Audiosyncracy”