– Voted Future Favorite on Armin Van Buuren’s radio show, “A State Of Trance” on ASOT 612
– Supported twice on “A State Of Trance”, ASOT 612 and 613
– Made it into “A State Of Trance Top 20 – April / May / June” compilation
– Voted as #2 for “Best Of 2013” on Abora Recordings
– Voted as Fan Favorite numerous times on Abora Recordings radio show, “Ori Uplift”
– Remixed extensively by various notable artists
– Made it into at least 5 known compilations
– Supported by numerous DJs many times over


– YourEDM:
“… The Incursion starts with a warm bassline and superb percussion as luscious, thick pads permeate the soundscape. Rather than have sounds sloppily strewn together, each voicing is carefully blended in as time goes on, giving the entire piece the feeling of an organic, living entity rather than a track. The breakdown is where the piece truly shines, with the orchestration including rich pads, sweeping strings, subtle voices and a full orchestral percussion section, which includes triangle and tubular bells. The melody laments its message, acting as an encompassing blanket over the listener. A triumphant turn pronounces a declaration, adding supporting voices, accompanying strings, cascading violin lines and a snare drum with a pronounced march feel. This opens up an entire world within the piece, almost as though peering into the inner mechanization’s of a watch. As the Trance aspects add on, the strength builds with power and added kick drums as the peak point pushes the very nature of the piece to break down that emotional wall. And with a final push, it releases all inhibitions and truly showcases the power of what beautiful music can inhibit on the soul. …” – Andrew Quigley of YourEDM.com