Composer/musician Kelly Andrew has spent many years dedicated to music, piano, and music composition.  He has written over two hundred compositions, including more than a dozen songs in the EDM genre, which received national recognition throughout United States, Mexico, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.  He was also commissioned to write an album of movie/TV/Film trailers for Audiomachine and wrote, produced and recorded five albums: Olympus, Reflections, Epoch Dawn, Journey, and Rendezvous

Currently living in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Kelly splits his time between composing, performing and recording music.  He loves being an artist/composer but also enjoys the business side of the industry.  “I believe successful musicians see music as a business as much as it is an art.  I continually strive to not only get better at musicality but also better in the business of music.  Success is making a living, loving what you do.  I enjoy composing, performing and making people feel good.  I like to hear from listeners and musicians from around the world and the influence I’m having on them.”

Kelly’s music has received numerous awards and recognition over the years, including the Independent Music Awards and the Hollywood Music in Media Awards.  In 2021, Kelly plans to release his most ambitious album yet, a five-year musical endeavor that enriches the experience of the listener with beautiful, melodic, intricate, and uplifting music.